Chaperonin GroEL

Chaperonin GroEL: a cradle of proteins

【Chaperonin family】

Chaperonin is one of best-studied molecular chaperones. Chaperonin GroEL is an essential chaperone that assists in protein folding in the cell. (Chaperone and chaperonin are often confusing, but chaperone is a general protein family. Conserved chaperone includes Hsp70/DnaK, Hsp90, Hsp104/ClpB, and chaperonin (GroEL/CCT). CCT). Chaperonin is one class of chaperone family.)

【GroEL: Bacterial chaperonin】

The best-characterized chaperonin is Escherichia coli GroEL and its cochaperonin GroES. The GroEL subunit forms a heptameric ring, which stacks back-to-back to form a double-ring structure, and requires the dome-shaped heptameric GroES. GroEL assists in the folding of a wide variety of substrate proteins in the cell in an ATP-dependent manner, with the aid of GroES.


【Our interests】

-Molecular mechanism of the GroEL-GroES cycling
-Identification of GroEL substrate proteins in the cell
-How GroEL discriminates in vivo substrate proteins



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